Stair Rails

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The main stair of a building is a focal point around which the interior space revolves. Stairails are complex projects and require much planning and a certain amount of engineering. Few other pieces of architectural metalwork are so accurately described as "house jewelry." We match our designs initial visual impact with an understated elegance and formality. The sculptural quality of forged steel invites close inspection and touching. We maintain our customary high level of finish and detail on these projects even though they are some of our larger undertakings.


Wright Rail: Private Residence, Seattle, WA

Wright 1 Wright 2 Wright 3 Wright 4 Wright 5

Will Rail: Private Residence, Tacoma, WA

Will 1 Will 2 Will 3 Will 4 Will 5

Nordstrom Rail: Private Residence, Hunts Point, WA

Nordstrom 1 Nordstrom 2 Nordstrom 3 Nordstrom 4 Nordstrom 5

Davenport Rail: Private Residence, Time Warner Building, New York, NY

Time 2 Time 3 Time 4 Time 5