Penland Iron Studio scrap gate; Penalnd School of Art and Craft, Penland, NC; made during "Iron Continuum" Fall Concentration Class, 2000; gate detail; more public spaces


National Ornamental Metal Museum Memphis, Tennessee

Tool and Blade Forging
Phillip Baldwin, Instructor

Traditional Iron Hardware
David Court, Instructor

Design and Construction of Pewter Vessels
Fred Fenster, Instructor

Forged Bronze Weathervane Workshop
L. Brent Kington, Instructor

Sterling Silver Coffee and Tea Service for the U.S.S. Tennessee
Assistant to Silversmith, Richard Prilaman

Tenth Anniversary Gates

Coordinator and forgemaster for international project, designed by Richard Quinnell; constructed 8’x14’ frames, including hinges, locks and overthrow; frames were filled with decorative scrolls and motifs made by over 200 metalsmiths from 17 nations.


Western New Mexico University Silver City, New Mexico
Undergraduate Studies in History


University of Texas, Austin WS Ranch Site, Alma, New Mexico
Archaeology Field School, summer studies